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Jessica J Giacobbe was born in rural Pennsylvania, USA.  In 2014 She received her BFA in Multidisciplinary Fine Arts with a concentration in Film/Digital Video at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Notable exhibitions include:

Live Works w/ MONO NO AWARE, Anthology Film Archives, (USA) –2019

Portfolio Showcase with Collective Quarterly, (Pray, MT, USA) –2017

Oscillation Transia Film Festival, American Tour, (USA) –2017

Film International, Online Review (Sweden)–2016

Usurp Zone5 Film Festival, EXPA Gallery (India)–2016

The Collective Quarterly, Online Platform (USA) –2015

Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Frame Arts Warehouse

(Winnipeg, Canada) –2015

You Should Not Be Here, Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (Santa Ana, California) –2014


In February 2015, she was a featured artist in Stigmart's VideoFocus Special Edition NKD (Online Magazine). Currently, she is the Director and Curator of the 4th Annual Traveling Film Festival, Oscillation Transia, while mostly residing in the Catskills.

Artist Statement 

The place I call home has shaped me and continues to resonate with me in the present. Growing up on a dirt road, never wearing shoes in summer, spending time with horses, and knowing nature are aspects I aesthetically utilize.  The importance of tactile experiences is something I can never stray away from.


Living in a world that is in constant dissipation, I focus on the stimuli initiating that progression. I want to examine my life as a chemical reaction, viewing my work as an improvisational and catalytic process. I work heavily from intuition and find that utilizing instinctual feelings of risk, trust, and reliance can create magic.

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